Martha Jane Settler

Martha Jane Settler is all about music and art. From a very early age, I'm writing songs. First with my bands, over the years: Crazy Jane Talks, Clayborn, Martha Jane Settler, Martha Jane & the Talisman. At the moment I'm working on my new album, dutch lyrics and electronics.

But I also love drawing, painting and making video's. Shortly, I have a deep passion for art in general, musics and visual arts specifically.

Growing up in The Middle Of Nowhere, made Martha Jane  use her imagination at a very young age. There were no modern distractions or attractions. "Music, writing and drawing became natural for me, a daily activity, my imagination my best friend. Growing up, almost hidden from the rest of the world, formed her as an artist, and gave her a unique perspective on the world. It's all about a rich inner world of hope, dreams, myths and stories and connecting them to the big world out there.

"I hope to pass some of my view forward; as a singer, producer, painter, when I make videos.