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My name is Martha Jane Settler. I Started teaching when I was asked to teach the singers of the Conservatory of Amsterdam at the age of 25. I never considered teaching before, but I guess my curiosity and passion for learning new things, could also make me a fine teacher.

So I started teaching my students what I had learned over the years by playing in bands, writing songs and my teachers at the Popacademy in Rotterdam.

Now, in 2016, I still love to teach and I can proudly call a lot of great and famous artists a student or a former student of mine.

I strongly believe in conditioning the body and freeing the mind and spirit to be creative.

For all my students, I hope I can contribute to their passion for making music. Finding new ways, feed your creativity and a long live passion to enjoy and share your music.

I developed several workshops. You can find them here.


If your interested in taking a singing of songwriter lesson, let me know! If you like to book a workshop or masterclass (max.12 people) to improve your speech or writing skills, don't hesitate to contact me and fill in the form below. Hope to see you soon!

Bericht ontvangen!

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